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Logs and controls 2 pumping groups with maximum 6        pumps in each group.

● The pumps are controlled from analog level sensor and / or     level switch.

● Alternator function for pumps.

● Slurping function for cleaning the sump.

● Start and run time counter for the pumps.

● Built-in mixer function for flushing or stirring.

● Alarms for overflow, motor protection, high tilt, temp     protection etc.

● Alarm transmission via SMS text with the possibility of SMS     acknowledgment.

● Calculation of inflow, outflow, overflow and pump capacity.

● Curve function for displaying trend / history in a graphical     display.

● Pulse counters for energy, flow and rain.

● Current inputs for measuring motor currents

● LOG function with 31 day history to read in the display.

● SCADA support for history collection via ring stack or     straight stack.

● Cross-reference table that simplifies communication with            every existing SCADA system for VA applications.

● Multiple communication interfaces for connecting to a line

    different types of communication.

● Wifi and Bluetooth for connection to mobile phone or



PC-325 is a powerful control system developed for the clean water and sewage industry which contains the most common functions and function blocks required for this purpose, in compliance with IEC 61131-3 requirements.


A simple and clear menu system with touch display makes the device very user-friendly and easy to navigate.


A good alternative for PLCs, with ready-made functions, it makes easy to configure and run a pump station where many parameters must be set, all information being available to be read on a graphically display, which can be seen both indoors and in bright light outdoors.

The PC-325 is intended for pumping stations and other water treatment plants where big demands are asked for controlling, alarm handling, logging, data collection and a complete supervision over all sections of the process.


The unit has RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB interfaces for easy connection to various communication equipments, RADIO, 3G, 4G, GPRS or GSM, in order to connect to various SCADA systems for alarm and data collection. It can also be supplied with internal
3G / 4G modems.


Application and Function:


● Pump control and monitoring control of pumps, mixer and flush valve.


● Alarm detection and signaling overflow, power failure, pump failure.


● Data collection and calculation start / run time counter, in-/out flow, pump capacity.


● Logging 31 days and display of curve level, inflow / outflow, overflow, rain, pump capacity.

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