To reach the self-clarity a number of invisible factors which influence us all are needed.
Water automation in an easy way 
Automation specialists in Water Automation 
  • User-friendly control system with great potential
  • 30 years in the water industry gave us experience
  • Easy adaptation to your existing SCADA systems
  • Automation made for water process applications
Control panels 
DripDrop AB has developed a complete range of standardized control panels for pump stations. Well equipped for all needs. 
High quality electrodes 
DripDrop carries a wide range of standard- electrodes and measuring sensors for water and waste water. pH, Redox, Chlorine etc.
DripDrop bets on control panels   
We are looking forward to a new and exiting year, where we will be able to introduce a complete range of control panels in steel, stainless steel and plastic materials for in-
and outdoor use.
Water automation specialists
DripDrop is a specialist in water automation equipment with more than 25 years of experience in
design of control systems, automation and installation 
Our own design on all pump controllers
All our controllers are of our own design and
development, which means that all our experience and knowledge is built in in all our products
Easy to start up
All our systems are designed to be user friendly and easy
to start up. Any operator should be able to start up an installation 
in a minimum of time. 
Easy to set up communication
All our controller are equipped with internal cross-reference register table, which makes them easy to
adapt  to existing 
SCADA systems.

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